A family project

Sharing the benefits of donkey milk, a desire of long time.

Since the creation of our partner, the donkey farm Abracadabr'âne (owned by our little brother Benoît) in 2005, we have been eager to make the donkey milk, famous for its many virtues,accessible to all. In order to one day create a soap shop, Benoit accustomed his donkeys to be milked.

In 2014 we took the plunge, coming back home, changing of lifestyle, Bulle et Vous takes shape. In November 2014 we can finally open our doors to the public.

We have chosen to install our shop in the village of Cierp-Gaud, in the heart of the Pyrenees mountains. Being able to develop a business in our village meant a lot to us. After the asinerie Abracadabr'âne, Bulle et Vous in turn contributes to the dynamism of Cierp-Gaud. Being close to the donkey farm guarantee the freshness of donkey milk (the milk arrives still warm in the manufacturing laboratory).


Our values

A Pyrenean  soap
Halt! the mountaineers are here!

We are mountaineers because we live in a small Pyrenean village, but also by our ways to be. We appreciate what nature offers us. Good rich grass for our donkeys, asses and babies donkeys ... dreamy landscapes surrounding us, when we look out the window or when we go for a walk. And products that make our soaps unique and precious.

A soap for all.
Our flagship product is unquestionably the donkey milk soap, made from 100% natural products. But we also thought about you, who prefer scented soaps or taking a bath full of foam. From miniature soaps to slip into your handbag to personalized gift baskets, here you will find something for every budget and every taste.

We use traditional know-how and the resources offered by nature to help our bodies cope with daily routine by making our shower a unique experience. This is why our donkey milk soaps and shampoos are enriched with vegetable oils selected for their virtues.


Quality first!

 A quality label subject to European standards
As everyone knows, the soap making must meet certain requirements, as it is a product that is applied to skin.

As master soap makers we take the quality of our products very seriously, so we chose to join a quality label to continue using our products daily, in peace.

Thus our recipes are developed and validated in the laboratory, and each ingredient that is part of them is carefully selected and approved by our quality label. With this label we guarantee that our products are not tested on animals, do not contain any paraben, but are made with plant raw material extracted from ecofriendly farming and first choice vegetable oils and natural pigments.

Our asses milk is also subject to regular monitoring, since it is analyzed by a laboratory every three months. Our dairy asses, Jolie, Margot and Esperance, are also proud to offer quality milk.